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Why We Love Salvage!

What is a “Salvage” branded vehicle?

Simply stated,”salvage” is a title brand that is applied to any car that an insurance company wants to write off. Often the reason is because of expensive body work, but it can be for any reason. Only the insurance companies know for sure, but suffice it to say that insurance companies are prone to salvage cars at their discretion, and it’s not always obvious which way they’ll choose. It is common for a car to be written off when its repair cost is 50% of its book value.

In Arizona the three title brands to be aware of are:
1. Junk means that the car is not road-worthy and can’t be put right.
2. Salvage are those insurance write-offs which are repairable and can be made road worthy.
3. Restored salvage are those insurance write-offs that have been worked back to road-worthy condition. Restored salvage cars require a state inspection to be judged road-worthy. Only restored savage cars are inspected individually by ADOT state inspectors.

Here’s a reference to title brands in general: http://www.ayalamvs.com/JunkDismantleCrushFlood.html

Most of the cars that Superior Mint sells are clear title, with no brand, but we also sell restored from salvage brand because we believe that they are great value cars. We believe this so strongly that we personally own and drive restored salvage vehicles. We’ve had virtually no issue with any of the many restored salvage cars that we’ve driven or sold over the years.

Superior Mint is a small, family operated business. Right now the husband and wife owners drive restored salvage cars as does their daughter. All are very happy with their safe and reliable rides.

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High Value, Superior Quality

At Superior Mint we sell high-value used cars. We do this by purchasing cars with value potential and then working the cars to produce a high-value vehicle for your purchase and enjoyment.

All of the cars we buy need work, either body work or mechanical work. We do most of the mechanical work in-house and use highly-specialized craftsman for the more complex jobs, such as engine or transmission rebuilds. We only use the best body shops and we have pictures and receipts that detail each vehicle’s journey to health. Think of us as the car doctors. We are experts at diagnosis, repair and vendor management. We don’t buy junk salvage cars, only cars that have a high-value potential.

For example, cars that have crumple zone damage, deployed airbags, and unibody vehicles that have been in collisions are all examples of vehicles we don’t buy. Of course these are the cheapest cars available, but we aren’t interested in these cars at any price. If the load bearing frame members have damage we stay away.

Superior Mint is an ADOT-licensed, retail cars sales business. We follow all state laws and regulations, further protecting your investment. Superior Mint is also a finance company which means we can provide financing, including in-house financing.

Our business model is to:
• Eliminate the middle-man and pass the savings on to you.
• Stand behind our products.
• Use business processes unique to Superior Mint
• find the best used cars available in the 5 state southwestern US.
• buy cars that meet our strict criteria. Each week we search through thousands of cars and identify only a handful that we are interested in buying based on condition and mileage.
• negotiate rock bottom purchase prices for these special used cars, again passing the savings to you.
• negotiate for each car individually knowing that the money we save on the buy side becomes your advantage when we sell to you.
• service the car back to proper operating condition using our own mechanics and a small group of high-quality vendors and body shops which we carefully manage.

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